Estérel Futnet Cup, third !

The Raphaël international tournament will return to its quarters, or instead Place Coullet, on July 15, 16 and 17 for its third edition.
A little over seventy days before the competition, we offer you an interview with one of the organizers, Jean Deloffre.

Jean Deloffre during the previous edition of the Estérel Futnet Cup.

Hello Jean and thank you for answering these few questions.
You are organizing the third edition of the tournament this year, with the success of last year’s, can we say that this tournament is made to last a very long time and become essential each season?

Three editions… It’s not bad!
For the moment, all the signals are green to install this tournament in the long term, but our will is not enough… It’s a complex and expensive operation, which requires significant support from the City of Saint-Raphaël and the partners who accompany us.
The first two editions were considered very satisfactory by all, but the level of expectations rises each year, you have to get up to speed!

“We hope to see one day
a French women’s team
participate in the Estérel Futnet Cup!”

Which nations will be present this year ?

Two nations the first year, five nations the second… this year, we are going to 7 invited nations.
4 nations which will be present with their women’s and men’s national teams: Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland and Slovakia.
3 nations present only with their male selection: France, Romania, Hungary.
Quite simply the best nations in the world, a predominance of Eastern countries, the historical anchor of this sport.

This year again, there will also be a women’s tournament. Can this women’s tournament encourage clubs in France to develop women’s Futnet ?

We hope ! This is obviously the reason why we have chosen to also organize a women’s tournament, despite the low number of practitioners in France at the moment. And we hope one day to see a French women’s team participate in the Estérel Futnet Cup !

“At the Estérel Futnet Cup,
we are waiting for France
hold his place, on the podium.”

France will be present this year and it will be the first international tournament after that of Prague last November. What do you expect from our blue world champions and bronze medalists?

During the last World Championships, in November 2022 in Prague, a certain hierarchy was established. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are above, with a certain margin.
France comes next, with Hungary very close. Romania, Switzerland and Poland have fallen behind a bit… At the Estérel Futnet Cup, we are waiting for France to hold their own on the podium.
But there may be an opportunity to do better!
The Czech Republic is in reconstruction after its disappointment in Prague and the end of the career of certain emblematic players… Slovakia will come without Jan Brutovski and Silven Galus will still not be able to be as incredible as in Prague !

Accommodation and meals for teams, partners, volunteers. How is such a tournament organised ?

That shouldn’t be talked about too much, I don’t want to discourage those who would like to embark on an organization of this type… Just one piece of advice, clear your agenda !

What is the sports program and what are the tournament times ?

We will start on Saturday July 15 at 4 p.m., with friendly meetings so that the teams get used to the terrain and the atmosphere of Place Coullet, with also the final phase of the Tournament of the Raphael neighborhoods and meetings between VIPs, former professional athletes.
The following two days, place exclusively for women’s and men’s tournaments, morning (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and afternoon (4 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Finals on Monday July 18 between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Can you tell us about some surprises or novelties for this year ?

Overall, we want to make the event even more festive, with entertainment between meetings…
For surprises, it will be necessary above all to be interested in the composition of the Futnet Raphaëlois, to discover on site on July 15 !

The 2022 edition in pictures